Home maintenanceLandscaping March 23, 2024

Is your landscape ‘mature’ or just shaggy?

Overgrown side yard at a suburban house.

You may have become comfortable in your yard, but such a lush landscape may look like work to a potential buyer.



First Impressions Matter

Whether you are planning to continue living in your longtime family home or beginning to see the time when selling will make more sense, curb appeal is real and sprucing up yours can bring smiles all around.

Potential buyers form an opinion about your house within seconds of arrival. A well-maintained landscape creates a positive first impression and can increase your asking price. Here’s a guide to updating your suburban garden and landscaping to attract buyers.

Clean Up and Maintain

  • Tidy Up: Start with a clean slate. Remove weeds, dead leaves, and debris from your lawn, garden beds, and walkways.
  • Lawn Care: Ensure your lawn is healthy and weed-free. Consider reseeding patchy areas or fertilizing for a lush green look.
  • Prune and Trim: Prune overgrown shrubs and trees to improve their shape and allow light to penetrate. Trim hedges for a clean and defined look.

Enhance Your Garden Beds

  • Mulch Magic: Fresh mulch adds a pop of color, suppresses weeds, and retains moisture. Opt for a natural wood mulch or shredded bark for a classic touch.
  • Seasonal Color: Plant colorful flowers or flowering shrubs that will be in bloom during the selling season. This adds vibrancy and visual interest.
  • Low-Maintenance Plants: Choose low-maintenance perennials or native plants that require minimal watering and care. This appeals to buyers who don’t want a high-maintenance yard.

Upgrade Your Hardscaping

  • Walkway Refresh: Clean, repair, or replace cracked or uneven walkways and patios. A fresh coat of powerwashing can revive tired concrete surfaces.
  • Lighting for Ambiance: Strategically placed outdoor lighting can add drama and enhance the usability of your outdoor space in the evenings.

Create Broad Appeal

  • Simple and Clean Lines: Avoid overly-personalized landscaping features. Opt for clean lines, symmetrical arrangements, and neutral colors to create a broad appeal.
  • Functionality Matters: Consider adding a fire pit or patio space for entertaining. This showcases the potential for outdoor living and adds value for buyers.

Keep it Local

  • Native Plants: Opt for native plants that are well-suited to your climate. They require less maintenance and are more likely to thrive in your area.
  • Local Expertise: Consult with a local nursery or landscaper for recommendations on plants, hardscaping materials, and design ideas suited to your region and buyer preferences.


  • Balance Cost and Impact: Focus on high-impact projects that offer a good return on investment (ROI).
    DIY vs. Professional: Some tasks, like mulching or planting flowers, might be DIY projects. Consider hiring professionals for more complex landscaping jobs.
  • Stage it Right: Once your landscaping is updated, add a few strategically placed potted plants or outdoor furniture to create an inviting atmosphere.

These suggestions can help you update your garden and landscaping to create a welcoming and attractive space that can  help make your home more pleasant to live in now and potentially more attractive to buyers when you decide to make your next dream a reality.