Home maintenance

Whether selling or staying, keep what you have in tip-top shape with latest trends, best deals and red flags.

Home maintenance Considering the ROI of renovations can help the decision   (The following article is courtesy of Guaranteed Rate Affinity) There are many reasons to renovate a home, from wanting new, exciting features and upgrades to correcting oversights or repairing what has degraded over time. Pairing wants and needs with the drive to increase the resale value creates the perfect recipe for home renovations. However, […]
Home maintenance Choosing the right color can be key Whether you are getting a home ready to sell or moving into a new home and looking to add your own touch, picking the right colors is an important choice. In 2024, Pantone is marking the 25th anniversary of their “Color of the Year” pick. In 1963 Pantone introduced a system for the printing industry […]
Home maintenance Is your landscape ‘mature’ or just shaggy?     First Impressions Matter Whether you are planning to continue living in your longtime family home or beginning to see the time when selling will make more sense, curb appeal is real and sprucing up yours can bring smiles all around. Potential buyers form an opinion about your house within seconds of arrival. A […]
Home maintenance Finding the finances to fund that renovation Whether you are renovating to stay in your home or getting it ready to sell, finding the financing for the work is the first job. It could be an out dated kitchen, an overrun backyard or unusable basement space. Whatever the project or projects you have in mind, the first thing you have to consider […]
Home maintenance Going from a sleep place to retreat space For many people, the bedroom is little more than a place to sleep. However, just because it’s always been that way doesn’t mean that we have to settle for cluttered and boring. One trend that’s gaining steam these days is converting your current bedroom into a luxury suite (or something comparable). If you want to […]
Home maintenance Make an asset of that unfinished basement That unfinished basement may be dimly lit and a little rough on the eyes, but that just means it has a lot of potential. With a little love and the help of the following ideas, you can spice it up in no time, get some great use out of the space and turn it into […]
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